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Fan-Girling Over Super Heroines

The testosterone-fuelled BIFF! BANG! KAPOW! of classic comics can seem uninviting, filled with spandex-clad men and swooning damsels who hold limited appeal outside the stereotypical 18-35 year-old male demographic. But things are changing in the world of comics. Read more »

If pen erases paper, what erases awkward?

It could have been awkward. Well, I mean, it was. Meeting Melbourne comic artist Sam Wallman at a café I went the handshake and he went the European greeting. It became an odd mix of both – stooped shoulders and curling arms in a handshake / air … Read more »

On the road with Caravan of Comics

‘Australian comics have been around for decades. But it has been in waves and visibility has always been a problem. I’ve been in it long enough to see several waves come and go,’ says Bruce Mutard, who has been making comics in Melbourne for over 20 years. … Read more »

A good noise: Dailies 3

A Silent Army publishes it, but the cover is certainly hollering at me. The personality in the cursive/lowercase/uppercase font of the title gets my attention first. Behind is a mountainous tableau hatched in colour, complete with a waterfall, a dead tree and a highway billboard promising ‘new … Read more »

Editors’ picks for November: Started Early, Took My Dog, Blasphemy and Summer Blonde

The Kill Your Darlings editors share recent reading favourites. What are your picks? Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson — Rebecca Starford, Editor For many years I’ve heard people talk about Kate Atkinson novels, and that I should read them. I always resisted this advice … Read more »

Joss Whedon’s character archetypes: The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In The Avengers, writer/director Joss Whedon has inherited a series of Marvel characters who have been established over five preceding films, not to mention a long legacy of comic book appearances. The films that introduced these characters have been pretty good, but nothing remarkable for a casual … Read more »

Who is this Crumb guy, anyway?

I first remember hearing the name Robert Crumb in late high school. It was 2003, and I’d gone to see the Harvey Pekar biopic American Splendor. At the time, I was unfamiliar with Crumb – a thin, gawky man in a straw boater and Coke-bottle glasses who … Read more »