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Converting the Nonbeliever: Science fiction, climate change, and James Bradley’s Clade

For most of my reading life, I passed right over the fantasy and science fiction genres. As far as I was concerned, The Lord of the Rings was a decent doorstop, Dune was a prime spot on the beach from which to check out the swell, and 2001 meant only a year of once-distant promise, and now spiralling dread. Read more »

Drake’s climate change epiphany

Or: ‘Heat of the Moment’ as an epiphany in which Drake realises the urgency and importance of acting on climate change Read more »

Australia is going backwards on climate policy

During the Howard years, it was usual for Australia to be awarded ‘Fossil of the Day’ by climate advocacy groups whenever it attended a climate negotiation conference. The award signifies the country that had done the most to hinder climate change negotiations, and Australia has won a pile of them. Read more »

The Women’s Prize review: Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

Formerly known as the Orange Prize, the Women’s Prize for Fiction is awarded annually and ‘celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing from throughout the world’. We delve into the third of the six shortlisted novels – Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour. Kingsolver is no stranger to … Read more »

A climate of mendacity: The Heretic

It must be tough writing drama about the political issue du jour. Worthy causes can be adapted into unwatchable dross, while intellectual scrap metal can be spun into theatrical gold. A case of the latter is The Heretic Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Greg Foyster’s ‘The Big Pitch: Selling Advertising to the Public’

For our first teaser from KYD No.9, Greg Foyster reveals the machinations, motivations and manipulations of the advertising industry – and how it is destroying the planet. If a teaser just isn’t enough, you can find the full text of this essay and more on our website … Read more »