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Will we ever be completely satisfied with a series finale?

Fixating with a demented passion only rivalled by creator Matthew Weiner’s deliberately enigmatic and uncompromising attention to detail, it’s likely that all viewers (myself included) will be left disappointed husks, continuing to pick over the corpse for clues long after Mad Men concludes. Read more »

Fools rush in: why fast-tracking TV doesn’t slow downloading

Commercial television sure does love talking up the wonders of fast-tracking. That’s the process whereby instead of sitting on a television show until an airdate that suits their programming department, they put it to air within a day or two of it showing in its country of … Read more »

Amusements and distractions

Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us. Let’s start with a lovely letter of note: in 1980, a librarian and her students wrote to Francis Ford Coppola imploring him to adapt The Outsiders. The rest is history. ‘Island … Read more »

Issue Eight teaser: Anthony Morris’s ‘Men Without Hats – Justified and Breaking Bad’

For our final Issue Eight teaser, Anthony Morris ponders what a character’s headwear says about them. If a teaser just isn’t enough, you can find the full text of Morris’ essay and more on our website in the coming weeks. For instant gratification, why not pre-order a … Read more »