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Trivial Pursuits: The media and ‘women’s interests’

Women, especially in public life, exist as a part of men’s worlds – a big part, sure – but still a part. Even as women become more vocal in demanding accurate and respectful representation, we are kept at arms length by a mainstream media which struggles to catch up. Read more »

‘Likes’ don’t pay the rent

We’re all fairly familiar with the joke by now, aren’t we? The one where the plumber visits the publisher’s house, fixes the sink, and the publisher says, ‘You’re cool if I just pay you in exposure, right?’ I sense that some of you aren’t laughing. If you’re … Read more »

On reading Mom Blogs

I started reading ‘Mom blogs’ way before I got pregnant. At first, my reading was secret and covert. Alone in the house, I browsed the 1000 or so pages of blogs ranked by readers on the Top Baby Blogs register the way other people privately peruse porn. … Read more »

Italian Vogue accepting pitches via blog comments

Franca Sozzani of Italian Vogue has revealed that they are accepting story pitches via her blog: By next Tuesday you must send us the topics you would like to cover. Please write them in the comments below this post. … This is an opportunity to put yourselves … Read more »

Melbourne Writers Festival is looking for UNbloggers

Are you an avid blogger who likes to write about books, reading and writing? Melbourne Writers Festival is looking for five UNbloggers. Successful applicants will get free access to the 2011 Melbourne Writers Festival plus the opportunity to have their work promoted through the festival’s networks. Interested? … Read more »

Christopher Currie’s The Ottoman Motel

Simon and his parents are on a family holiday and land in a small town called Reception. The town both lives up to its name and makes a mockery of it; the young boy finds new friends, but his parents go missing. The smaller a town, the … Read more »

‘The blog ecology is always changing’ – Interview with Rachael Kendrick [podcast]

There’s nothing like the hospitality of a food blogger on an autumn eve. Cradling a little glass bottle of chinotto in my gloved hands, I spoke to Rachael Kendrick of Thus Bakes Zarathustra, Motor Coconut, The Vine (click on that last one for sure – I ate of that … Read more »