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Online festivals and diversity in the digital space

Earlier this year, Lisa Dempster, the director of the Melbourne Writers Festival, tweeted: ‘So I think ‪@pausefest looks AMAZING… BUT I have to ask: is digital culture just for dudes? 2/31 speakers are women.’ Read more »

What are writers worth?

How much does a writer get paid? It’s no secret that the most avid readers of freelance literary writing are writers themselves. And so I’m sure many of you have found yourself reading a story in Granta or a poem in Overland and wondering ‘What is that … Read more »

Women in Print: An International Women’s Day Discussion

Left to right: Rebecca Starford, Sophie Cunningham, Monica Dux, Louise Swinn On the hundredth anniversary of International Women’s Day, over 100 bookish types packed among the shelves of Readings Carlton in Melbourne to hear a panel of Australian literary women talk about the very timely hot topic … Read more »

Why the internet turned me on (to creative writing)

In the current Overland, Cate Kennedy has published a fascinating essay on the distractions of the internet – and the various ways it impedes creative writing. It encourages a lack of inhibition – and worse, a lack of reflection and analysis. It privileges currency over depth. The … Read more »