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Who killed Amanda Palmer fandom?

Fans and consumers tend to avoid music made by people whose actions disagree with their moral compasses, and, conversely, to reward those whose actions align with them. But are they right to do so? Read more »

Art in the writer’s room

When Roald Dahl was a young writer, he would sell his stories to the New Yorker and with his fee, purchase a picture. A lull between publications and the income his stories secured meant that he would soon need to re-sell his pictures (even Dahl had peaks … Read more »

Colin Batrouney on Creative Writing for Beginners

Creative Writing for Beginners tracks eight weeks in the lives of two young flat mates Joel and Nomee. They each seek ambitious careers (in writing and acting respectively) and soon learn how their fates are determined. In addition to vivid descriptions, the novel pays a healthy respect … Read more »

A good noise: Dailies 3

A Silent Army publishes it, but the cover is certainly hollering at me. The personality in the cursive/lowercase/uppercase font of the title gets my attention first. Behind is a mountainous tableau hatched in colour, complete with a waterfall, a dead tree and a highway billboard promising ‘new … Read more »

The Blackmail goes offline

OFFLINE is a print edition of The Blackmail. The Blackmail has been dishing out Aussie-centric popular culture, art culture and subculture online since 2009. As with countless other magazines and journals that appear in my RSS feeds and inbox, I can’t pretend I’ve been a completely religious … Read more »

The Anatomy Lesson at Ian Potter Gallery

The human body – specifically, the experience of being an embodied subject – is a rich source of artistic inspiration. In contemplation of this immortal theme, The Anatomy Lesson features a series of loosely connected artworks from the University of Melbourne’s medical school. The exhibition takes its … Read more »

Apocalypse, death and disaster at the NGV

This easily overlooked gem, situated above the NGV’s blockbuster Napoleon exhibition, can be seen as a kind of grim companion piece: while Napoleon is steeped in the rhetoric of glory, The Four Horsemen: Apocalypse, Death and Disaster lingers on the suffering caused by unchecked human ambition. The … Read more »

History as written by the victor: Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

Certain dictators exert a seemingly endless public fascination, especially when their deeds have been burnished by nostalgia and whitewashed by tales of military glory. Yet in the two centuries since Napoleon reached the summit of his destructive influence, the public – with some notable exceptions – has … Read more »

My shadow flows into the world: Lindy Lee and explorations of self

Upon entering Lindy Lee’s latest exhibition in Melbourne, ‘Mystical Realism – A Record Of Things Experienced’, I was confronted by a range of images, textures, shapes, patterns, configurations and materials. Among the more traditional painterly and sculptural media of paper, ink, linen, steel and bronze, Lee also … Read more »

Breaking art from its gallery prison: the Google Art Project

Image credit: anemoneunterwegs Last month, Google unveiled its second round of the Google Art Project, which now freely displays online high-resolution images of more than 32,000 artworks from 151 museums and galleries worldwide. You can browse the collection by artist; explore every inch of a painting (what … Read more »