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WASPiration: David Gilbert’s & Sons

As someone who’s always secretly aspired to being a WASP (before you mercilessly judge me for this, I should clarify that my desire has less to do with attaining elevated social and financial status than with being able to dress like a character in The Great Gatsby Read more »

Extract – Caroline Hamilton, ‘Jonathan’s Correction: “#Franzenfreude” and the Great American Novelist’

In Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings (published this Friday), Caroline Hamilton writes about Jonathan Franzen’s cultural ambivalence. Read an exclusive pre-publication extract from the essay here. By the time of its arrival, the book titled Freedom was, ironically enough, weighted with baggage. Ten days before its … Read more »

Fear, complexity and commitment in Joe Meno’s The Great Perhaps

Publisher: Picador ISBN: 9780330519533 RRP: $32.99 Jonathan Casper – father of teenage daughters Thisbe and Amelia; son of Henry, an ex-aeronautical engineer for the US Air force; and husband to Madeline, whose research into the behaviour of pigeons is yielding bizarre results – suffers from a rare … Read more »

“America is obsessed with its own failure”: Emmett Stinson

Emmett Stinson is an American who moved to Australia in 2004 – and it was only with distance from his homeland that he could write Known Unknowns, his debut collection. Podcast roadmap: Washington DC; corpses; Capgras syndrome; the best place to buy drugs in America; The Education … Read more »