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A children’s lit prize of one’s own

Earlier this year, Readings Bookstore announced the creation of The Readings Children’s Book Prize. The eligibility criteria for the 2014 Prize was specified as ‘a work of published fiction, written for children aged 5–12’. Read more »

Personality takes the cake and eats it too: Marieke Hardy’s You’ll Be Sorry when I’m Dead

You’ll Be Sorry when I’m Dead begins, as any marketable book should, with a bang – a story about Marieke Hardy’s long-running obsession with prostitution, culminating in various threesomes between herself, a hooker and her boyfriend. The story is racy, amusing and compelling – because let’s face … Read more »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Awaiting the Second Novel

In early April, I put the finishing touches on my second novel Isabelle of the Moon and Stars, ably assisted by an editorial report on an earlier draft from my publisher, Allen & Unwin. And now I wait…for acceptance, rejection or the netherworld of another draft. So … Read more »