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Calling out of context: The perennial appeal of Arthur Russell

When Arthur Russell died in 1992 at the age of forty, he did so in relative obscurity, having released four commercially unsuccessful albums and granted a single print interview: not exactly a promising oeuvre on which to build a legacy. Read more »

Novel writing and the melodic blizzard: the influence of music on The Burial

There has been some confusion about which Warren Ellis wrote the blurb on the cover of my recently released novel, The Burial. Is it Warren Ellis the writer of comics and novels or Warren Ellis the wiz with a violin?

A symbolic moment of social and artistic upheaval: Howl

In 1955 Allen Ginsberg read his then unpublished poem Howl to an audience including Jack Kerouac at the Six Gallery in San Francisco. It was, in retrospect, a symbolic moment of social and artistic upheaval: for the first time, the dislocation and unease that young post-World War … Read more »