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June Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Rochelle Siemienowicz’s Fallen

At the Kill Your Darlings First Book Club event in June, former Killings columnist Rochelle Siemienowicz will discuss her frank, compelling and beautifully written debut memoir, Fallen: A Memoir About Sex, Religion and Marrying Too Young. Read more »

A Bride Stripped Bare: A writer gets naked on the path from novel to memoir

You can find my book in the nonfiction section of the bookstore. I can’t deny it. It’s even me on the cover. And it is me, talking on radio and writing in women’s magazines about open marriages, non-monogamy, and how religion can fuck up your sexuality. People are calling me ‘brave’, but I’m not sure it’s a compliment. I feel so naked. How did this happen? Read more »

Cate Kennedy on motherhood and creativity

In this extract from Rachel Power’s new book, Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart, she speaks with author Cate Kennedy about her love for her daughter and her writing. Read more »

June Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Emily Bitto’s The Strays

At the Kill Your Darlings First Book Club event in June, Emily Bitto will discuss her path to publication and the inspiration behind her debut novel, which tells the story of a group of progressive artists in 1930s Melbourne, seen through the eyes of a young girl. Read more »

The Long and the Short of It: Affirm Press and short fiction

Last year my company, Affirm Press, an emerging publishing company with more ideals than commercial sense, embarked on an initiative called Long Story Shorts. It was a commitment to publish six individual collections of stories by new and emerging writers, the last of which – Two Steps … Read more »

On Writing: Leah Swann

Leah Swann’s short story collection, Bearings, tells of the tumult of life, featuring characters who are yet anchored by hope. Her tales have been called ‘perfect little parcels of humanity’. But how did she begin her writing journey? Leah told Killings about her writing craft. Before I … Read more »

Stories with hooks: Gretchen Shirm’s Having Cried Wolf

Gretchen Shirm is the author of Having Cried Wolf, a collection of interwoven short stories published by Affirm Press through their ‘Long Story Shorts’ venture. I spoke with Gretchen about her debut collection, writing and her other life as a lawyer. Podcast roadmap: novels that don’t work … Read more »

“City Stories”: an excerpt from Jenny Sinclair’s When We Think About Melbourne: The Imagination of a City

‘The North is a growing, pulsating sore on the map of my city, the part of the city in which I, my family, my friends, are meant to buy a house, grow a garden, shop, watch TV and be buried in. The North is where the wog … Read more »

“America is obsessed with its own failure”: Emmett Stinson

Emmett Stinson is an American who moved to Australia in 2004 – and it was only with distance from his homeland that he could write Known Unknowns, his debut collection. Podcast roadmap: Washington DC; corpses; Capgras syndrome; the best place to buy drugs in America; The Education … Read more »