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Great Aspirations: In the shadow of Patrick White

The text of The Aspirations of Daise Morrow is lifted directly from Patrick White’s short story ‘Down at the Dump’. It’s a wonderful thing to hear White’s judicious use of language; to understand the eyes through which he saw Australia; and to see an entire world of his creation brought to life in the theatre. Read more »

Where are all the great young adult TV shows?

The box office is once again dominated by movie adaptations of young adult novels. But it’s a British small-screen adaptation of a young adult series which has really captured my attention, and demonstrates that YA can be adapted for TV to great effect. Read more »

The mother of all TV incest? Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic

I went to see David Sedaris speak the other night. He discussed his penchant for collecting filthy t-shirt slogans, including one which read: ‘Beer with no alcohol is like going down on your sister. It feels right, but it’s wrong.’ The audience were there to laugh, and … Read more »

The slaughter to come: reading and watching The Counselor

Early in Cormac McCarthy’s screenplay The Counselor, a diamond dealer reflects on an issue that directly relates to Ridley Scott’s film version of the same screenplay. ‘The crown and the pavilion may be well cut each in itself and yet stand alien to one another,’ he says … Read more »

An epitaph for childhood?: the problems of adapting Henry James

Reading Henry James’ novel What Maisie Knew is like staring at a Magic Eye image and patiently waiting for something knowable to emerge from the patterns. James’ sentences are exceptionally long, the meanings of which are often delayed by incidental descriptions and cordoned off with multiple commas. … Read more »

See KYD book club live at MTC!

  This September Kill Your Darlings’ book club is jumping off the screen and onto the stage in a special partnership with Melbourne Theatre Company, celebrating the staging of Helpmann Award-winning director Simon Stone’s anticipated adaptation of The Cherry Orchard. You’re invited to an exclusive, invitation-only conversation … Read more »

Angels in America at Belvoir Street Theatre

In The Western Canon, infamous American literary critic Harold Bloom lists Tony Kushner’s Angels in America among the works of 26 authors he insists are central to literature itself. Belvoir Street Theatre is currently offering a rare opportunity to see Kushner’s beloved, Pulitzer Prize-winning play (although by … Read more »