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Kill Your Darlings No. 5 April 2011



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Editor-in-chief of Bookseller & Publisher magazine Matthia Dempsey reflects on our book-buying habits and how they shape the future of bookshops; Cristy Clark tells how – and why – she went from being a vegan to ecotarian; Emilie Collyer writes from experience about how alcoholism affects families; Daniel Golding on the cultural legitimacy of the videogame; and Mark Hewitt explores the revival of cassette
culture: are cassettes the new vinyl?

Also featuring: Patrick Cullen, Sonja Dechian, Greg Foyster, Petra Starke, S.A. Jones, Jenny Nestor, Fiona Scott-Norman, Margot McGovern, Eva Lomski and interview with novelist and critic Geoff Dyer.