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Issue 17 cover 3D

Issue 17, April 2014


  • Jim Della-Giacoma on the state of Australian-Indonesian relations
  • Michael Lindsey Davison examines love in the internet age
  • Rebecca Howden on the legacy of Kurt Cobain
  • New fiction from Ben Walter and Chris Somerville
  • KYD in conversation with Eleanor Catton
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Product Description

In this issue Jim Della-Giacoma provides an insightful and timely look into the state of Australian-Indonesian relations; on the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death Rebecca Howden revisits his influence on gender politics; Alice Robinson explores the transition from individual to mother; Michael Lindsey Davison examines love in the internet age; Koren Helbig looks at the connections between music and memory; and Bethanie Blanchard sits down for an extended interview with Booker-Prize winner Eleanor Catton. Featuring new fiction from Chris Somerville and Ben Walter.