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Finding Books for Young Readers: The Readings Children’s Book Prize

James Patterson once said, ‘There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading and kids who are reading the wrong books.’ So how do we get the right books into the hands of budding bibliophiles? Well, the Readings Children’s Book Prize Shortlist is a great place to start. Read more »

The Kill Your Darlings Advent Calendar

To celebrate the silly season, and our exciting Christmas Subscriber Offer, we’re unlocking some of the most thought-provoking, entertaining and beautifully written content from our first 20 issues. Read more »

Recommended reading: P.A. O’Reilly

For this Recommended Reading column, writer P.A. O’Reilly, whose latest novel The Fine Colour of Rust is out now, lists four books about man’s best friend that provide her with inspiration via their intense mix of savagery and beauty. When I’ve finished a piece of writing and I … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part III

In this final instalment of ‘What we’re looking forward to’, Martin Shaw asks some of our leading local writers what they’re recommending for 2012. We hear from Louise Swinn, Miles Vertigan, Geordie Williamson, Charlotte Wood, Chris Womersley and Rohan Wilson. For Parts I and II click here and here. … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part II

Bookseller Martin Shaw asked Australian writers what they are excited about reading in 2012. Today, we hear from Wayne Macauley, Angela Meyer, Pip Newling, Favel Parrett, A S Patric and Laurie Steed. This is the second part of this series. For Part I, click here. Wayne Macauley … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part I

In the last few weeks of 2011 I remember thinking to myself – as yet another ‘picks of 2011’ landed in my Twitter feed (and in all manner of other publications that crossed my desk) – that I was starting to tire of the phenomenon. After all, … Read more »

Recommended reading: Charlotte Wood’s touchstone books

I always baulk when asked about my favourite book – even my favourite books – of all time. How can I possibly have favourites? The books I seek out change all the time, according to the weather, my mood, what I’m writing and what I’ve just read. … Read more »

Recommended reading: Jo Case

For our special Issue Six ‘Recommended Reading’ series, we’ve asked members of the Stella Prize (now live!) steering committee to recommend their favourite texts by women. Kill Your Darlings Associate Editor Jo Case offers her selection of female writers, from Melbourne historians to New York publicists and … Read more »

Recommended Reading: Louise Swinn

For this Recommended Reading column, we asked Louise Swinn, editorial director at Sleepers Publishing and member of the Stella Prize steering committee, for some of her favourite books penned by women. Among her selections are an Age Book of the Year winner, a literary superstar, an American … Read more »

Recommended Reading: Lisa Dempster, director of the Emerging Writers’ Festival

The Emerging Writers’ Festival kicks off today (see Kill Your Darlings appearances here). We asked EWF director Lisa Dempster to give us her recommended reading list. The role of a literary festival director is ironic in many ways: the closer the festival gets, the more time one … Read more »