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Kill Your Darlings reviewed at the Overland blog

‘I must confess that I was initially skeptical about whether KYD could live up to its own hype. Well, dear Reader, I was wrong to have doubted’: Irma Gold’s review of Kill Your Darlings Issue One is up at the Overland blog.

Gideon Haigh’s ‘Feeding the Hand that Bites: The Demise of Australian Literary Reviewing’ [excerpt]

Everybody wants to go to heaven, as they say, but nobody wants to die. So it is in the world of book reviewing. Everyone is in favour of frank and fearless criticism, up to the point where a work of theirs might come off the worse for … Read more »

‘Truth and elegance soured’: Susan Wyndham on Gideon Haigh’s Kill Your Darlings piece

Susan Wyndham of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote about Kill Your Darlings on Saturday: Among the essays, fiction, reviews, cartoons and interview with Sarah Waters, Undercover was most curious to read Gideon Haigh’s piece Feeding the Hand that Bites on “the demise of Australian literary reviewing”. The … Read more »

‘We want to be publishing fiction and non-fiction that has a fearlessness to it’: Rebecca Starford on The Conversation Hour

Yesterday, Kill Your Darlings Editor, Rebecca Starford, appeared on Jon Faine’s The Conversation Hour (ABC Melbourne radio) to talk about the impetus behind the journal and Melbourne’s rich literary scene. She was joined by Niki Savva, author of So Greek: Confessions of a Conservative Leftie. You can … Read more »