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Book Voyage

Some stories seem universal but others are forever linked to a particular place, whether because of where we first read or heard them, or because the story itself brings a particular location to life. In this podcast, links between story and place are explored. Estelle Tang recommends … Read more »

To Agent or Not To Agent?

What do literary agents even do, and how do you get one? Should you get one? Irma Gold talks to Australian authors, Jackie French and Marion Halligan, and agency founder Mary Cunnane about the industry dos and don’ts. French decided against having an agent after having one … Read more »

So you’ve won a literary prize?

Whether the peak of a writer’s career or an arbitrary measure of accomplishment, literary prizes are an exciting yet somewhat mysterious element of the publishing industry. What happens in the lead up the big announcement? Does the winner know they’ve won beforehand? How much should you Google … Read more »

Slam poetry in Oz

Australia is now well and truly into performance poetry: we have the National Poetry Slam drawing huge crowds every year, and smaller events popping up regularly in our capital cities. But what makes a writer become a performer, and how does performance change the written word? Sky … Read more »

Sleep study: The subjects

Rumour has it there’s a breed of humans who don’t need sleep. These high-achieving creative types stay up till dawn writing masterpieces while the rest of us are dozing. But is creative insomnia a myth? And can it be induced?

Podcast: Secret Identities

Having a secret identity sounds exciting until you try to work out the logistics. Meaghan decided a rapping lawyer and a cabaret dancing librarian seemed like good candidates for answering the most important question: are capes mandatory? Interviews with Nile Rodman and Erin Fisher, music by Radazi.

Podcast: Little Pearlers Ep. 1

  Grown-ups can learn a lot from children. When it comes to the big questions in life, children have a natural ability to wonder. Join Erin and Fleur as they explore time, love, health and careers through the eyes of the Little Pearlers. Music compliments of Kevin MacLeod. Executive … Read more »

Podcast: Can creative writing be taught?

Can creative writing be taught? Irma Gold chats with author and creative writing lecturer, Francesca Rendle-Short; author and former writing teaching, Andrew Croome; and YA author, Jack Heath, to see if they can answer this thorny question. Podcast production by Gold Music Productions. Irma Gold is an award-winning … Read more »

Podcast: The ethics of comedy

From Seth MacFarlane hosting this year’s Oscars, to the controversy around rape jokes following the Daniel Tosh fiasco in 2012, this podcast discusses the role of the comedian, their relationship to ethics, power and privilege, and the concept of ‘kicking up, not down’. Writer and broadcaster Jessica … Read more »

Podcast: Authors behaving badly

We all have our favourite writers but would we still love them as much if we knew their about their politics, their nastiness, or their stints in prison? Sky and Grace delve into the dark, funny and just plain crazy reality behind some of the world’s most … Read more »