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Issue Two giveaway

Kill Your Darlings is having its first ever blog giveaway! If you haven’t won a copy from us before, to win a copy of Issue Two – which features writing from Monica Dux, Gideon Haigh, Benjamin Law, Virginia Peters and more – all you have to do … Read more »

Is emotional hunger the driver behind exploitation? Pierz Newton-John on writing ‘Shock’

When I wrote the story ‘Shock’, what was foremost in my mind was the idea of vulnerability and exploitation. It’s a story about age exploiting youth, white exploiting black, male exploiting female. It’s a theme that’s been on my mind again recently because of two non-fiction books … Read more »

Monica Dux on ‘Temple of The Female Eunuch‘: now in audio and video

Monica Dux appeared on Radio National’s Life Matters to discuss her article in Kill Your Darlings Issue Two, ‘Temple of The Female Eunuch: Germaine Greer Forty Years On’. In her article, Monica examines the critics and critiques of feminist Germaine Greer. Listen to the show here. On … Read more »

Love from the Wheeler Centre

It’s a week of love and lust at the Wheeler Centre this week. To celebrate – in addition to the fine roster of events they’re offering – they selected an excerpt from Kill Your Darlings Issue Two. Back in 1993, Ruth Starke won the national Woman’s Day/Mills … Read more »

What’s in Issue Two?

As you know, Issue Two is released tomorrow. The Kill Your Darlings winter issue opens with Monica Dux’s ‘Temple of The Female Eunuch’, which is both a response to the recent additions to the ‘Parsnip School of Greer Criticism’ and a genuine reflection on the book’s impact … Read more »

Issue Two teaser: Samuel Rutter’s ‘Comfort Inn’

So, the final teaser for Issue Two before its release on July 1. Newcomer Samuel Rutter’s story, ‘Comfort Inn’, is a laconic account of glancing connections set in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s cold. He’s wearing a jacket – because you never put your jacket in your checked luggage … Read more »

Baying for True Blood: Binge Reading in Television’s Post-Broadcast Era

Behold teaser number two from Kill Your Darlings Issue Two. The following excerpt is from Mel Campbell’s article about the cult vampire television phenomenon, True Blood. Mel Campbell is a cultural critic and journalist who specialises in fashion, popular music, branding and celebrity. She’s also one of … Read more »

Latecomers, You’re All Right: Discovering Music after Everyone Else

We are super pleased to be able to sneak you a peek at the contents of Kill Your Darlings Issue Two, beginning with Benjamin Law’s ‘Latecomers, You’re All Right: Discovering music after everyone else’. We’ll be releasing teasers until the July 1 release of Issue Two, so … Read more »