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Happy Birthday Mr Eternal President: In North Korea for Their Most Reverent National Holiday

Even Mother Nature, it seems, has been conscripted to help propagate the Kim family’s personality cult. In autumn, North Korea is devoid of any colour: the rice paddies have not yet been sown and the dirt fields lay bare save for a few skeletal trees that struggle … Read more »

New Wave Rising: The Stunning Success of Indigenous Australian Film and Television

‘We’re telling our own stories now. That’s the turning point. We’ve got that creative control now. And when you’ve got that creative control, you can really push boundaries.’ – Deborah Mailman ‘This night is our night as Indigenous Australians…We’ve controlled our stories, and through that, people have … Read more »

Desk Jockeying: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Work

Do you ever feel that you don’t spend quite enough time in your pyjamas? For those of us who work from home, perhaps the opposite applies (I say this as someone who both works from home and should own shares in Peter Alexander). I’m fairly certain that … Read more »

I Have Danced Inside Your Eyes: A Life in Love with Boy George

I wasn’t very popular when I was thirteen years old. I was plump and I had a mousy-brown afro precisely in the era when afros weren’t fashionable. I was also unmistakably, overtly, Queer, a fact which was blindingly obvious to the tougher boys and nastier girls, but … Read more »

Easy Surface Gold: Protesting and Prospecting in the Godforsaken Lucky Country

You will find Kalgoorlie six hours east of Perth, on a drive past rained-on war machinery and clean swept service stations, through the West Australian Wheatbelt and the Greater Western Woodlands. I moved there last year, and began working as a journalist at the town’s newspaper, the … Read more »

The Primordial Place: Me and Jardo by the Lake

‘This ancient parched landscape, kissed awake by a deluge of rains, is teeming with life, busily celebrating its rebirth at the pace of those who know they have much to do in an uncertain lifespan…germinate, grow, flower, seed, breed and deliver the next generation, before the sun sucks … Read more »

God’s Dog

He had looked for an internet point where he would not attract attention, and noted the cine cameras as he went in. There was an email message from Guntur, with an address near San Basilio. Now Salazar got out of the train and started walking along the … Read more »

Among the Secret Things: Why Donna Tartt’s Novels are Worth the Wait

Whenever I learn that a supposed bookworm hasn’t yet read a Donna Tartt novel I’m first astonished (but her books have been translated into thirty languages, sold millions of copies worldwide and been shortlisted for major awards – how could not one have found its way onto … Read more »

Hot Dog, Pink Lotus

They stop at the servo before beginning the death strip. A section of road Erica’s always hated driving, four hours with not a kink in it. ‘This place is weird,’ says Jane, her daughter, tucking her long hair behind her ears in the exact same way she … Read more »


You may notice a slight difference in the way Kill Your Darlings now rests in your hands, a little slimmer and a little wider. Our commitment to quality writing and design remains, but as we race into our fourth year (time really does fly when you’re having … Read more »