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Category Archives: Issue Sixteen

New Wave Rising: The Stunning Success of Indigenous Australian Film and Television

‘We’re telling our own stories now. That’s the turning point. We’ve got that creative control now. And when you’ve got that creative control, you can really push boundaries.’ – Deborah Mailman ‘This night is our night as Indigenous Australians…We’ve controlled our stories, and through that, people have … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings in Conversation with Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1968) is the author of two collections of short stories and one novel. One of the most original and celebrated voices of his time, Díaz writes from the heart of the Dominican-American community in New Jersey, with many of his stories … Read more »

KYD No. 16 Teaser: ‘Happy Birthday Mr Eternal President: In North Korea for Their Most Reverent National Holiday’

In the third KYD No. 16 teaser, Tim Robertson attempts to see behind the façade of North Korea’s tourist trail on the 101st birthday of Kim Il Sung. Even Mother Nature, it seems, has been conscripted to help propagate the Kim family’s personality cult. In autumn, North Korea … Read more »

KYD No. 16 Teaser: ‘I Have Danced Inside Your Eyes: A Life in Love with Boy George’

For the second KYD No. 16 teaser, Walter Mason revisits his love of the beautiful outcast, musician Boy George. I wasn’t very popular when I was thirteen years old. I was plump and I had a mousy-brown afro precisely in the era when afros weren’t fashionable. I was … Read more »

KYD No. 16 Teaser: ‘Easy Surface Gold: Protesting and Prospecting in the Godforsaken Lucky Country’

For the first KYD No. 16 teaser James Purtill examines the politics of place and belonging in the heart of gold mining country, Kalgoorlie. You will find Kalgoorlie six hours east of Perth, on a drive past rained-on war machinery and clean swept service stations, through the West … Read more »