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Full text of Sophie Cunningham’s ‘A Prize of One’s Own: Flares, Cock-forests and Dreams of a Common Language’ now available

This has been an an essay which has kept writing – and rewriting – itself. I was approached by Rebecca Starford about it after she chaired a panel I appeared in, discussing the under-representation of women in print. That panel was organised by Melbourne independent bookshop Readings, … Read more »

Commercially Viable: the future of broadcast television

In Issue Six of Kill Your Darlings, Laurie Steed described the strange fate of NBC‘s ‘Chuck’. Here, Laurie examines further television’s Faustian pact with advertising. I have an agreement with television: it can sell me stuff as long as I can watch entertaining, innovative programming. To reiterate, … Read more »

Spawning Anonymous: Inside the world of 4chan

In Issue Six of Kill Your Darlings, Gillian Terzis examined the decentralised collective of activists known as Anonymous. Here, Gillian takes us further into the place from which these hacktivists are spawned – the strange, often pornographic world of 4chan.   I learned about 4chan the hard … Read more »

Issue Six teaser: Mel Campbell ‘The Power of Friendship: Social Control and Personal Politics in Misfits’

When Misfits first aired, critics widely compared it to the American sci-fi drama Heroes, branding it variously: ‘Heroes with an ASBO’, ‘Britain’s answer to Heroes’, and ‘Heroes for chavs’. In a more admiring vein that perhaps reflects dissatisfaction with Heroes’ later seasons, Misfits was also dubbed: ‘What Heroes should have been’ and ‘Heroes, minus the suck’. Read more »

Issue Six teaser: Don’t Peak at High School: Paul Capsis on being bullied

From when I arrived there were comments: ‘You sound like my sister’, ‘You sound like my mother’, ‘You’re a girl, you’re not really a boy.’ But it was a magical time. I had a wonderful teacher who’d play Beatles records and wanted us to dance and sing and perform. Read more »

Issue Six teaser: Sophie Cunningham ‘A Prize of One’s Own: Flares, Cock-forests, and Dreams of a Common Language’

Disinterest in women – the overlooking of them, the walking out of the room without noticing their exclusion, the disavowal of them, the occasional hatred of them – is a profound and deep problem. It does not only affect women in publishing; it affects women in every industry, and women who work at home. Read more »