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Paul Mitchell, Rebecca Starford on ABC radio

In Kill Your Darlings Issue One, Paul Mitchell told how his campaign to inure his daughter to the evils of consumerism took an unlikely turn. Issue One is now sold out, but Paul appeared on Radio National’s First Person on Tuesday, with ‘Shopping for Values: A Journey … Read more »

Issue One of Kill Your Darlings is sold out

Some good news (or bad news, depending on how you think about it) – Issue One of Kill Your Darlings is sold out! This means that if you’d like to get your paws on a copy, you’ll need to visit one of our wonderful stockists. It also … Read more »

Kill Your Idols: Interview with Justin Heazlewood

In Issue One of Kill Your Darlings, Justin Heazlewood wrote: ‘If the album isn’t dead, it’s certainly lying in intensive care’. Killings spoke to him about how technology has changed the way we listen to music, which musicians can still make him sit up and listen, and … Read more »

Nicola Redhouse: ‘Being a writer certainly enriches my work as an editor’

It’s often said that writing and editing are two sides of one coin, and it’s not unusual to find a person who incorporates both into a literary life. So it is with Nicola Redhouse – by day, an editor at Scribe Publications, and by night, a fiction … Read more »

‘A form to call home’: Patrick Cullen’s short fiction

photo by Tim McLean Newcastle writer Patrick Cullen’s stories have been anthologised in those bastions of short fiction, Best Australian Stories and Sleepers Almanac, and his novel-in-stories, What Came Between, has been praised many times over. His short story about the friendship between Raymond Carver, Richard Ford and … Read more »

‘Fresh and entertaining, featuring witty and enthusiastic new voices’: review in The Independent Weekly

‘Samantha Bond has reviewed issue one of Kill Your Darlings for The Independent Weekly. You can read why she thinks it ‘lives up to its editorial hype’ here.

Full text of selected Issue One content available online now: Kalinda Ashton, Clementine Ford, Anthony Morris

Kill Your Darlings contains, inter alia, amazing fiction, commentary and reviews. In the spirit of sharing the love, we have selected as full-text offerings some of the fine words put to paper by our Issue One contributors. For your reading pleasure: Finding Out by Kalinda Ashton Love in … Read more »

‘Finding Out’ by Kalinda Ashton [excerpt]

This week, Killings is running excerpts from Issue One of Kill Your Darlings. Today’s excerpt is from Kalinda Ashton’s deeply simmering ‘Finding Out’, a story about uncovering uncomfortable truths. ‘Write it down,’ Kelly used to say. ‘All of it.’ Or, at least, I think she did. After … Read more »

‘Love in a LOL-ed Climate: Internet Dating’ by Clementine Ford [excerpt]

This week, we will run excerpts from Issue One of Kill Your Darlings. The first excerpt is from Clementine Ford’s piece on that collision of technology, romance and shattered illusions: internet dating. Before I discovered that the lemons life throws at you are not always suitable for … Read more »

‘It’s one thing to kill your darlings, quite another to throw the baby out with the bathwater’ – Martin Shaw’s response to Gideon Haigh

It would appear that Gideon Haigh found it irresistible – when invited to write a piece for a new magazine called Kill Your Darlings – to mount a wholesale assault not just on his putative target, (alleged) hack reviewers, but the wider Oz literary culture itself – … Read more »