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Kill Your Darlings now available through Amazon

Kindle readers rejoice! We’re excited to announce issues 8, 9 and 10 of Kill Your Darlings are now available as an e-book through Amazon. Don’t forget: e-book versions of Kill Your Darlings are also available through, Kobo and readcloud.

Issue Nine launches today!

Got the return-to-work blues after the long-long weekend? Feeling the after effects of holiday eating binges? Well never fear, we have just the thing to pick up your spirits: we’re excited to announce that Issue Nine is launched today! You can purchase it here or subscribe to … Read more »

Gerald Murnane’s The Plains: An Alternative Australian Literature

The dust jacket of the first edition of The Plains describes it as ‘a lament for an Australian literature that has never been written’. Thirty years later this strange, disquieting, curious little book continues to stand almost alone in the library of alternative Australian fiction. But make … Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Luke Meinzen’s ‘Three Years in Mongolia: Trying to be a Travel Writer’

For our final Issue Nine teaser, Luke Meinzen describes his Mongolian adventures and the travel writers that inspired his personal journey. If a teaser leaves you wanting more, you can find the full text of Meinzen’s musings and more on our website in the coming weeks. For … Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Ruth Starke’s ‘The Renaissance Man: Don Dunstan and the Sexy Seventies’

For our second sneak peek into  KYD No.9, Ruth Starke looks back at the ever-alluring Don Dunstan in a scintillating investigation into the sexier side of South Australian politics. If this teaser leaves you wanting more, you can find the full text of this essay and more … Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Greg Foyster’s ‘The Big Pitch: Selling Advertising to the Public’

For our first teaser from KYD No.9, Greg Foyster reveals the machinations, motivations and manipulations of the advertising industry – and how it is destroying the planet. If a teaser just isn’t enough, you can find the full text of this essay and more on our website … Read more »

Next week is Issue Nine teaser week

In exciting news, Issue Nine of Kill Your Darlings is set to be released on Tuesday 10 April! So next week, as a lead up to the launch, we’re hosting teaser week here at Killings. Be sure to pop in for a sneak peek (or three!) at … Read more »