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Kill Your Darlings now available through Amazon

Kindle readers rejoice! We’re excited to announce issues 8, 9 and 10 of Kill Your Darlings are now available as an e-book through Amazon. Don’t forget: e-book versions of Kill Your Darlings are also available through, Kobo and readcloud.

Issue Nine launches today!

Got the return-to-work blues after the long-long weekend? Feeling the after effects of holiday eating binges? Well never fear, we have just the thing to pick up your spirits: we’re excited to announce that Issue Nine is launched today! You can purchase it here or subscribe to … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings in conversation with Kelly Link

While Kelly Link might be an unfamiliar name to those who rarely step beyond the domain of literary fiction, for readers of ghost stories, science fiction, and tales of the macabre, grotesque and chillingly strange, Link’s work is hallowed ground. A writer of short stories (she has … Read more »

Three Years in Mongolia: Trying to be a Travel Writer

I have a photo, one of only three I took in Mongolia, of a road. A single line of tyre tracks in dust divides the photo into halves of mottled dun, a landscape marked only by its austerity and a line of tottering telephone poles. In the … Read more »

The Man Who Rocked the World: Reflecting on David Bowie

In 1975 David Bowie announced, ‘I’ve rocked my roll. It’s a boring dead end. There will be no more rock and roll records or tours from me. The last thing I want to be is some useless fucking rock singer.’ Fortunately, for me and many other fans, … Read more »

Nevermind: How I Found Freedom in Nirvana

If you pay any attention to the music press, last year you’d have noticed that lots of people were talking about how Nirvana and Nevermind changed their lives. Everyone from absurdist rapper Lil Wayne to Billy Ray Cyrus (that other great flannel-wearer of the 1990s) was waxing … Read more »

Road Kill

Image by Wendy Schotsmans The sun hauled itself into the sky. A tired mid-morning replete with gulls, low tide, a half-hearted breeze. He tugged at the boat till it nosed into the water, waves slapping at his ankles with nicotine-stained fingers. There was a urinous tang in … Read more »

Solving the Unsolvable: Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy

Complicated cases, grisly gunplay, slippery suspects, determined detectives and bitter betrayals – these are common expectations when we read crime fiction. From Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary Sherlock Holmes to the gritty hardboiled school of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, these stories always begin with a shocking crime. … Read more »

Zen Camp: A Place Where Time is Slowed

A painted vertical board runs down the piece of white plaster wall I will face for the seven days of my Zen retreat. It shines in the early morning light. By midday it is a boring slat and by night-time a familiar, friendly piece of my sitting-place … Read more »