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The Art of Preservation

The grass scratches at Matthew’s shins as he crosses the yard and dumps the bucket on the ground. The mulberry tree is drooping and swollen berries leer at him, some already weeping. There are so many. He cups his hand under a low cluster before ducking under … Read more »

Weighty Issues: On Fat, Silence and Self-Knowledge

I’ve been catching up with old friends that I haven’t seen for a couple of years. I’m growing accustomed to the facial expression they will wear at some point during these get-togethers. The expression is characterised by a questioning flicker in the eyes and a pursing about … Read more »

Dancing the Body Electric: A Tale of Transcendence in Lycra

  ‘The love of the body of man or woman balks account, the body itself balks account, / That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect.’ Walt Whitman   I’m stalking two sequined high-tops through Melbourne’s Bourke Street mall. They bounce off … Read more »

Water for the Skull: On River Tubing in Laos

On the Nam Song River, I had refused the shots of Lao-Lao, the backyard rice whiskey served free in the water, and taken only a solitary sip of beer. I didn’t want to be seen not drinking though, so I held onto the bottle longer than usual. … Read more »

Much Ado About Cotton: Marlon Brando, T-shirts and Sexuality on Screen

Marlon Brando will forever be associated with the T-shirt he wears throughout most of A Streetcar Named Desire. It’s an image that crawled into my head some years ago and refused to leave. Brando wears that T-shirt like a second skin, the outer layer that helped him … Read more »

You Know Who You Look Like?: Being a Perpetual Face Twin

This is tricky. Do I begin with the story about being on the train with three teenagers, who pointed at me from the other end of the carriage and yelled, ‘Look, it’s Björk!’ Or would it be better to start with the one where whenever my cousin-in-law … Read more »


Welcome to Issue 14 of Kill Your Darlings. As we go to print, Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as Prime Minister after forcing a leadership spill. Never has our politics been so bloody, so unedifying and so unforgiving. Dignified until the end, former Prime Minister Julia … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings in Conversation with Sheila Heti

In her role as interviews editor with the literary magazine The Believer, Sheila Heti has captured insights from conversations with the likes of Joan Didion, Mary Gaitskill and Sophie Calle. She is also a formidable author in her own right: her five books – two novels, a … Read more »

Left Hand Drive: Remembering Australia’s Political Past

This article is an extract from Craig McGregor’s memoir, Left Hand Drive, which recounts his career as a journalist both in Australia and abroad, for the past five decades. Australia Where? Barry Jones, one of the few intellectuals to become a Labor Party minister in recent times, … Read more »

Gonski-lite: Doing the Sums on Schools Reform

I come from a teaching family. My parents met at Burwood Teacher’s College in Melbourne in the 1960s. You can still see some of the original buildings today, where, perhaps fittingly, I now work, having recently secured a position at Burwood’s modern incarnation, Deakin University. My dad … Read more »