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Literary Stalkings: On the Trail of Bret Easton Ellis

When Bret Easton Ellis visited Australia last year, antipodean readers revisited their fascination with the cult American writer and his novels, including new addition Imperial Bedrooms, American Psycho and Less than Zero. Bethanie Blanchard’s essay, ‘Notes from the Underground: Why Bret Easton Ellis Fails on Film’ appears … Read more »

Full text frenzy: Issue Four

We’re generous folk here at Kill Your Darlings, so to celebrate Issue Four (available at our stockists and website now!), we’re sharing three pieces from the new issue with you. First is Emily Maguire’s moving and shocking ‘The Invisible Women: Carers in Australian Families‘, which sheds light … Read more »

Issue Four is here!

Just when you were wondering whether 2011 was going to live up to the hype, Kill Your Darlings Issue Four is launched! Available at our stockists and direct from our website, it’s packed full of deeply inquisitive commentary, including Emily Maguire on carers in Australia; beautiful new … Read more »

Extract – Jake Wilson, ‘Islands and Ghosts: Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer

In Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings (available tomorrow), Jake Wilson studies the echoes of Polanski’s artistic past. Read an exclusive pre-publication extract from the review here. Could Roman Polanski and Michel Houellebecq – two arch-cynics – ever find a way of working together? A fanciful thought, … Read more »

Extract – Caroline Hamilton, ‘Jonathan’s Correction: “#Franzenfreude” and the Great American Novelist’

In Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings (published this Friday), Caroline Hamilton writes about Jonathan Franzen’s cultural ambivalence. Read an exclusive pre-publication extract from the essay here. By the time of its arrival, the book titled Freedom was, ironically enough, weighted with baggage. Ten days before its … Read more »

Extract – Emily Maguire, ‘The Invisible Women: Carers in Australian Families’

In Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings (released on January 14), Emily Maguire records three women’s experiences caring for ill and disabled family members. Read an exclusive extract from the essay here. Care, the nursing historian Marie-Françoise Collière wrote, ‘is at the very root of women’s history, … Read more »

Issue Four teasers next week

We’re excited to unveil Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings next week. Leading up to its release on Friday 14 January, we’ll have three sneaky extracts for you here at Killings. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

Welcome 2011, and Issue Four!

Those of you who have visited the homepage recently may have spied our summery damsel enjoying a read and a vino. Yes, Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings will arrive in bookshops and on doorsteps on January 14. We’re excited to share it with you, and delighted … Read more »