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‘It’s in the cinema studies department … ‘: Studying videogames

Daniel Golding’s ‘Not Art, You Say? In Defence of Videogames’ appears in Kill Your Darlings Issue Five. For a growing portion of the entertainment market, videogames no longer need to be defended. But how do people respond when you tell them you’re doing a PhD on videogames? … Read more »

Cristy Clark on Life Matters

Tune into Radio National’s Life Matters this morning to hear Cristy Clark talk about her gradual shift from a vegan lifestyle to ecotarianism, which she wrote about in Issue Five of Kill Your Darlings. Purchase Issue Five here.

Issue Five now available for pre-order!

We’re pleased to announce that Issue Five is now available for pre-order! Officially launched on April 4, the Kill Your Darlings April issue opens with Matthia Dempsey’s ‘Meaning-of-Life Type Stuff: The Survival of Australian Bookshops’, in which she reflects on book-buying habits and how they shape the … Read more »

Warm and Dubby: An Endangered Species (Issue Five teaser)

We’ve seen the vinyl record persist through this age of digital listening, but what about the humble cassette tape? In Issue Five of Kill Your Darlings (out next week), Mark Hewitt investigates the quiet resurgence of cassette tapes. ‘If you guys want to listen to anything, just … Read more »

All that Glitters: Decoding the Edward Cullen Effect (Issue Five teaser)

Are you – or is someone you know – afflicted by Edward fever? Perhaps you’re puzzled by the success of Stephenie Meyer’s latest contribution to the vamp-romance genre, or a defender of the love affair between Bella Swan and her sparkly, everlasting lover? In Kill Your Darlings … Read more »

Meaning-of-life type stuff: The Survival of Australian Bookshops (Issue Five teaser)

Trends in Australian book-buying and the future of Australian bookshops will no doubt continue to be a hot topic in 2011. In Issue Five of Kill Your Darlings, released next week, Editor-in-Chief of Bookseller+Publisher magazine, Matthia Dempsey, reflects on her book-buying habits and how they shape the … Read more »

Literary Trivia Night (Melbourne)

It’s on again, book nerds! Please join us for an evening where your obscure (and bleeding obvious) literary knowledge can win you not just the bemused admiration of your peers, but prizes too! Prizes include vouchers, film tickets, wine, chocolate and – of course – books. When: … Read more »