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Just Like Us

‘If you could just fill out this form with your contact details and those of your referees. Pass the rest along.’ The woman handed a sheaf of papers to the couple standing at her front door. A heavy fringe sheltered her heart-shaped face, her shapeless grey smock … Read more »

On Exchange: Things Taken and Things Left Behind

Two guys on the flight from Sydney to Denpasar drink steadily for six hours from plastic cups. I am curled on the seats behind. Through the gap I can see the Australian flag flight pillows wrapped around each neck like a brace. ‘Hey. Hey, why don’t you … Read more »

A Public Engagement: The Art of Controversy

If these walls could talk they’d tell just part of the story. Their steel and concrete forms chronicle movement and debate. Their perpendicular shadows silence spite and division. Layers of paint wipe away decades of graffiti. They mask the scars of movement; of the night they were … Read more »

Imaginary Futures: The Fight for Marriage Equality in Australia

When I was a kid, I hated the idea of marriage. Marriage meant I would have to cook someone’s tea every night, wash his clothes, share a bed – all of which seemed like a lot of work. Second-wave feminism had shaken things up in the world, … Read more »

What Happens Next?: 50 Years of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a television series that understands the danger of plot spoilers. Throughout the series’ fifty-year duration, the Doctor has discouraged all of his time- travelling companions from visiting their past or future selves. To do so is called ‘crossing your own time stream,’ and is … Read more »

Beautiful and Damned: The Myths of Zelda Fitzgerald

She was the original It Girl, a Southern belle turned glamorous flapper turned broken-down mental patient. Overflowing with charm and wit, Zelda Fitzgerald was the perfect heroine for a story of Jazz Age decadence. As the wife of the great novelist F Scott Fitzgerald, she became an … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings in Conversation with Laurent Binet

Laurent Binet’s HHhH was released in 2010 in his native France to wide critical acclaim, winning the coveted Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman, the famed prize for a debut novel. The English translation, by Sam Taylor, was released in 2012 and came with testimonials from Bret Easton … Read more »

Limitless Diversity: Fanfiction and the Future of the Book

Staring at the title of the book, he turned hot and cold, cold and hot. Here was just what he had dreamed of, what he had longed for ever since the passion for books had taken hold of him: A story that never ended! The book of … Read more »

Gambling on a Day in Hinnomunjie: Dostoyevsky in the High Country

I sigh when I realise the paradox of the novel nestled in my handbag for this Labour Day long weekend’s reading. It’s Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler and here I am in Victoria’s High Country for the annual Hinnomunjie Picnic Races. A hard-core habitual gambler, Dostoyevsky wagered he could … Read more »


This is an extract from a creative non-fiction work in progress, which is based on the author’s own experiences.   I watched the waves from the dunes in the morning half-light. It was much bigger than I’d expected, and windy too. ‘What do you think?’ I’d felt … Read more »