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Kill Your Darlings No.11 now available through Amazon

Kindle users will be pleased to learn the current issue of Kill Your Darlings is available for purchase. Don’t forget: e-book versions of Issue 11 are also available through, with KOBO coming soon!

‘The eBay of illegal drugs’: Radio National interviews Kill Your Darlings contributor Eiley Ormsby

In the latest issue of Kill Your Darlings, journalist Eiley Ormsby investigates Silk Road – the ‘eBay of illegal drugs.’ Eiley spoke about her essay, and the controversial ‘war on drugs’, on Radio National’s Life Matters this morning. You can listen to the audio here. You can also read Ormsby’s fascinating essay … Read more »

KYD No. 11 Teaser: ‘Silk Road: The eBay of Illegal Drugs’

For our final Issue Eleven teaser, Eiley Ormsby delves into the darker side of internet shopping,  investigating the drug distribution site Silk Road. Want more of KYD Issue Eleven? The whole issue will be available for purchase next week! Half a dozen people sit around a lounge … Read more »

KYD No. 11 Teaser: ‘Dudes’ Pubes: The Virtues of Completely Hairless Tackle’

Hold on to your short and curlies people – for our second Issue Eleven teaser, raconteur extraordinaire Ben Law discusses the pleasure and pain associated with abolishing hair from your nether region. Want more of KYD Issue Eleven? It will be available for purchase on 10th October. … Read more »

KYD No. 11 Teaser: Mel Campbell’s ‘‘You’d Never Wear Leather Gaiters to go Duck Hunting in 1920!’: Dressing Downton’

For our first Issue Eleven teaser, cultural critic Mel Campbell discusses the charm and complexities of Downton Abbey‘s costly costumes. Want more of KYD Issue Eleven? The whole issue will be available for purchase in on 10 October. Stand by! Downton Abbey is basically a hi-res soap … Read more »

A glimpse at Kill Your Darlings No.11

Here’s a sneak peek at the fabulous cover for our upcoming issue, released October 10! Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for further teasers over the next fortnight.