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Burial Rites and The Stella Prize: an interview with Hannah Kent

As we continue our weekly Kill Your Darlings Stella Shortlist Book Club, Hannah spoke with KYD Deputy Online Editor Veronica Sullivan about Burial Rites, the Stella Prize, and the importance of women’s only writing prizes. Read more »

Turning language on itself: an interview with Eimear McBride

Irish writer Eimear McBride’s debut novel A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing was initially rejected by dozens of publishers for being too experimental. Since its publication earlier this year it has received rave reviews and been hailed an ‘instant classic’. McBride’s book relates a girl’s life from birth to … Read more »

The ‘real’ Cambodia: an interview with Laura Jean McKay

  Much has changed in Cambodia since Pol Pot’s regime came to a bloodied end in 1979. These days, tourists are steadily flowing into the kingdom, and its ancient temples and Killing Fields are now entered via a ticket booth. A world away from Cambodia, in a … Read more »

‘A fossilised account’: snapshots of sexuality in Archer Magazine

Australia’s long had a thriving small press culture but there’s been a marked absence of long-form, in-depth discussion about sexual diversity within the pages of our lit mags. Kickstarting this discussion is independent journal Archer Magazine, whose manifesto is to ‘present engaging, inclusive viewpoints from the myriad genders, sexualities and communities … Read more »

It’s love and it’s Australian and it’s here: an interview with Donna Ward

I married eight weeks ago. Earnestly searching for the right words at the right moment with the right man, I pleaded help from poetry aficionado and friend Donna Ward. Donna, in turn, asked Mark Tredennick – a poet I had met when we were co-panellists at a … Read more »

Bright Young Things: Q&A with Megan Reeder Hope and Kristy Chambers

    Brisbane’s grassroots literary scene continues to sparkle like a freakin’ diamond, not least of all for the emergence of Bright Young Things Club, a new bi-monthly event for writers and authors. Styled on the literary salons of 1920s Paris, convenor Megan Reeder Hope has created … Read more »

Follow the paper trail: Q&A with Sofija Stefanovic and Lorelei Vashti

Sofija Stefanovic and Lorelei Vashti are the brains behind Melbourne’s write-as-you-walk-workshop, Paper Trail Tours. Spanning some of the city’s most popular hangouts and lesser-known nooks, the foot tour focuses on unlocking participants’ creative potential, all while in a relaxed, friendly group atmosphere. They even provide notebooks, with the hope … Read more »

Colin Batrouney on Creative Writing for Beginners

Creative Writing for Beginners tracks eight weeks in the lives of two young flat mates Joel and Nomee. They each seek ambitious careers (in writing and acting respectively) and soon learn how their fates are determined. In addition to vivid descriptions, the novel pays a healthy respect … Read more »

Living and writing Asperger’s: An interview with Jo Case

Jo Case and I caught up last Friday at a Spring Street café in that lovely lull between lunch and dinner services to chat, a recording machine doing what it was asked to do for at least half of the time on the table between us. Our … Read more »

New nomads in Roebourne: the NEOMAD app

  Sutu, aka Stuart Campbell, is an international-award winning illustrator, writer and interactive designer. He is passionate about technology, sci-fi, telling stories and creating immersive interactive experiences. He talked to Kill Your Darlings about his latest collaborative project, NEOMAD.