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Public and private: On writing zines

When I told my family I’d be moving back to central Queensland, they were equal parts thrilled and concerned. I’d accepted a job with Australia’s biggest commercial radio network, delivering news bulletins over a broadcast area spanning 1600 square kilometres. Having such a public job meant that … Read more »

Empowering women in developing communities: On Open Field

When I was young, I lived in a house at the top of a hill on a dead-end street. Our suburb was barely serviced by buses and had no train station. We never locked our front door, and the back door was always left ajar so the … Read more »

The Meanjin Tournament of Books and shared reading experiences

One of the reasons I set out to read along with the Meanjin Tournament of Books was because I’m interested in the idea of shared reading experiences. ‘Social reading’ is a phrase that we are starting to hear more of, and there has been an increase in … Read more »

Sleuthing story ideas

At university I studied ‘creative advertising’. The course was designed to teach us clever ways to sell sneakers, toothpaste and chocolate bars, but the lateral thinking techniques we learned can be useful for brainstorming story ideas. Let me share some tools. Read more »

The Meanjin Literary Smackdown

The Meanjin Tournament of Books is a literary stoush that seeks to name the Great Australian Novel. With sixteen book titles, the round robin-style competition has four judges pitting book against book until the winning title emerges. It’s the Australian Grand Slam of book competitions, if you will. … Read more »

Laying down the sword: Fatima Bhutto in conversation at the Athenaeum Theatre

Fatima Bhutto Athenaeum Theatre 7:30pm, May 18, 2011 The Bhuttos are to Pakistan what the Kennedys are to the United States, it is said. Installed in 4-inch heels, seated opposite SBS journalist Anton Enus in Melbourne’s opulent Athenaeum Theatre, Fatima Bhutto described the comparison as strange and … Read more »

How Patrick White Reconciled My Childhood

I transpose The Shire of the nineties with The Hills of the sixties every time I read Patrick White, and the fit is snug enough to be frightening. Especially in their misfits. So much of White’s work scathes its way through showy suburban gardens, brutal and brutalised … Read more »

The Sad Fate of the Second-hand Bookshop

The lead essay of Kill Your Darlings Issue Five, by Bookseller+Publisher editor-in-chief Matthia Dempsey, considers how online book buying is affecting brick-and-mortar bookshops. Here, Amy Roil casts her mind to the beloved institution of the second-hand bookshop. People watching me scurry past my local second-hand bookshop, hands … Read more »

‘How history presses on into today': Gareth Liddiard’s ‘The Radicalisation of D’

Gareth Liddiard is known as singer and guitarist for Melbourne-based rock band The Drones. In 2010, he put out a solo record, Strange Tourist. Ben Gook’s review of Strange Tourist appears in Kill Your Darlings Issue Four. For Killings, Ben reflects on Liddiard’s haunting ‘The Radicalisation of … Read more »

Step one: Learn how to write. Step two … ?

Connor O’Brien is the author of Quiet City, an illustrated collection of short stories available in hard copy for $12 or electronically for free – if you tweet about it or post about it on your Facebook wall. We thought this social media pricing was a fascinating … Read more »