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Extract: Dorothy Johnston’s The Fourth Season

The Fourth Season is the fourth book in KYD contributor Dorothy Johnston’s Sandra Mahoney mystery quartet. It deals with the topical issue of who is going to win the battle for control over the seas surrounding Australia. The quartet has just been released as an ebook series … Read more »

Fiction: Fish-Hair Woman

This extract is taken from Merlinda Bobis’ novel Fish-Hair Woman, the 2013 winner of Small Press Network’s Most Underrated Book Award. Read S.A. Jones’ recap of the awards ceremony here.  ‘Sing is the word, not scream! So take it not from the throat, children, but from lower … Read more »

Fiction: The good mother

Now that you think about it, you realise you’ve known her your whole life. On the magazine pages and billboards of your childhood, she was fair as Rapunzel with a trim shoulder-length haircut. You were indifferent to her, back then, barely registered her presence. Or so you … Read more »

The 2013 QUT Creative Writing Prize: Begin Again

‘Begin Again’ by Grace Finlayson has won the undergraduate section of the 2013 QUT Creative Writing Prize. Here is Grace’s prize-winning entry.  Mel said she liked to do things twice. She told me everything is easier the second time around. Mel was beginning year five for the … Read more »

Out of Shape

This is an extract from Mel Campbell’s fascinating new memoir, Out of Shape, which explores the tensions in our culture between size and fit. You’re invited on a jaunty adventure through fashion malls, boutiques and vintage fairs as Mel’s endeavours to get to the heart of the … Read more »

Excerpt: from ‘Fliss’ by James Roy

James Roy’s first collection, Almost Wednesday, was released in 1996 and was followed by the CBCA Notable Book Full Moon Racing and several other acclaimed titles. His new book, City (UQP), is a collection of connected short stories that reflect our lives and those of the people … Read more »

Extract: Jessie Cole’s Darkness on the Edge of Town

We’re delighted to run an extract from KYD alumnus Jessie Cole’s debut novel (Jessie’s story ‘The Wake’ appeared in KYD No. 8). Titled Darkness on the Edge of Town, the novel tells the story of Vincent and his teenage daughter, Gemma, after a stranger crashes her car outside their … Read more »