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The celebrity spokesperson phenomenon

What should we expect celebrity advocates to deliver? Emma Watson is not a full-time activist, but if she inspires young people to take an interest in gender equality, is that not a good thing? Read more »

Where are you from?

In a racial context, the question ‘Where are you from?’ is so much more than the manifestation of a benign curiosity one stranger may have for another. Read more »

Fear, loathing, and the erosion of civil liberties

The hysteria currently being concocted by Australia’s political leaders is a smokescreen for the more serious threat facing everyone – an attack of the very freedoms and values our nation has been built on. Read more »

Binary This: theory versus lived experience

If you’ve spent as much time as I have engaged in various internet feminisms—in Facebook groups, Tumblr communities, forums, Twitter cliques—you’ll know how idiosyncratic those spaces are and that they operate with different, autonomous rules of behaviour. Sometimes they are unspoken and at other times very explicit. … Read more »

Upon my honour

July is upon us:  the month that strikes fear into the hearts of viticulturalists everywhere as me, and others like me, give up their favourite tipple. Give up all tipples in fact. Despite the fact that this is my third consecutive year of Dry July I still … Read more »

On Consuming Durables

Charity shops they’re called in the UK, opportunity shops here in Australia – both run by charitable organisations, they sell donated goods:  there can’t be more fascinating shops than these. There are, I guess, plenty of people who have never entered one, never given them a thought.  … Read more »

Epic Meal Time and the ridiculous notion of selling out

The most credible online dictionary, Urban Dictionary, cites selling out as ‘a compromise of values… in exchange for fame and monetary profit.’ Wikipedia offers a similar definition: the compromise of integrity, morals and principles for personal gain. Think of politicians contradicting their own ideologies, Milli Vanilli and … Read more »

‘Spring Breakers Forever!’ Film in an era ‘Post-Everything’

There is a memorable sequence in Harmony Korine’s latest film Spring Breakers where wacked-out deviant ‘Alien’ (James Franco) plays Britney Spears’ ‘Everytime’ on a piano against a sun-kissed backdrop. As he sings, three bikini-clad college girls, sporting bright pink balaclavas and toting shotguns, dance around excitedly. The … Read more »

The booby myth

In my early teens I often borrowed special editions of Cosmo and Dolly magazines from the local library. Once or twice a year the magazines would include features on ‘real bodies’, and greedily I would flip straight to the sealed sections to find the greatest range of … Read more »

The cost of culture: Tearing down the Berlin Wall, again

As the first spring sunshine spread across Berlin earlier this month, locals witnessed a strange reproduction of history. Down by the Spree river, Berliners were fighting to save the very wall they once fought so hard to destroy. A 20-metre stretch of the East Side Gallery, an … Read more »