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Right Place, Right Time: How the Melbourne Voice shuts writers out

If every city has its own unique culture, it’s also true that most people who grow up in that culture internalise the ideas that are considered important within that particular time and space. Writers from Melbourne are romanticised as individuals, locations in the city itself are romanticised, and particular concepts that resonate there are prioritised over everything else. Read more »

Parallel Lanes: On fear, citizenship and accountability

I slouched in to the taxi passenger seat, greeted warmly by an older Arab man who had altogether too much energy for a 1am pick up in this dead place. I knew as soon as I saw the driver that I would soon be doing the ancestry dance with him. This is a habit of every Middle Eastern man I’ve met. Read more »

Telling Stories: Women screenwriters and the obligation to represent

There is something in the recent call to arms for female writers and directors to ‘tell your story’ that leaves me feeling bereft, not vindicated. The idea that As A Woman I must write about women first and foremost is a special kind of hell. Read more »

Where Are the Naked People?

As the old nudist clubs begin their slow fade into obscurity, young nudists are finding ways to be active and enjoy themselves without the need to be tucked away safe from public view. It’s the opposite of the closeted nudist resort mentality. Read more »

Trivial Pursuits: The media and ‘women’s interests’

Women, especially in public life, exist as a part of men’s worlds – a big part, sure – but still a part. Even as women become more vocal in demanding accurate and respectful representation, we are kept at arms length by a mainstream media which struggles to catch up. Read more »

Petrol, Sweat and Whiskey: What Killing the Car Industry Means for Adelaide’s Working Class North

Everyone was stunned. No one wanted to believe it. Holden was ‘bigger than the Roman Empire’, as one former Holden worker put it. It wasn’t going anywhere. Read more »

Lockup or Lockout: The NSW Government’s Response to Alcohol-Related Violence

It’s a Saturday night in Kings Cross, Sydney. The famous neon Coca Cola sign flashes an enticing red light, promising a good night on the town. It’s 11pm and a mob of riot police stand awkwardly, anticipating trouble. Those spilling from the taxis gingerly straighten themselves as they file past. Read more »

Beneath the Surface: Behind the Battle for Hearts, Minds and the Great Barrier Reef

A moment of anxiety follows the plunge, backwards, off the side of a boat into the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Entering a realm in which humans are out of place, the world beneath the surface is an alien environment. It is, literally, a plunge into the unknown. Read more »

For Whom The Bell Jar Tolls

I have read The Bell Jar every summer for seven years, not only as a reminder of my own descent into depression during my estranged periods, but as a symbol of my success in defeating the precarious ‘bell jar’ that hangs low above Esther throughout her travels in the Big Apple. Read more »

No Worries: Bogans, cultural cringe and the great Australian anxiety

The bogan stereotype has been played out extensively in popular culture, on TV and in film. However, even if we are able to identify certain examples of bogan culture, we are still unable to definitively pin down what exactly constitutes a bogan. Read more »