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‘This life is a marathon’: The world according to SMASH

When I heard that NBC wouldn’t be renewing the TV musical SMASH for a third season, I was disappointed – but not entirely surprised. Before 2009, it would have seemed unlikely that a series like it could be aired at all: based in the world of musical … Read more »

Hello Mr.: An Incidental Review

From the moment its Kickstarter campaign appeared on my Facebook news feed toward the end of last year, I’ve followed the development of Hello Mr. It was a project with immediate appeal for me: to quote the pitch, it promised ‘the start of a conversation that extends … Read more »

Loneliness in the Twittersphere

When I quit Facebook a year and a half ago, I told myself it was because I didn’t want so much personal information in the public domain. Not that I’d been a particularly avid Facebooker – I’d always made as few status updates as possible, and hardly … Read more »

That’s it. I quit. I’m moving on.

Last week I quit my job. After four years in the one position, with no chance of promotion, I’d had it. My long dreamt exit strategy – a whirlwind of double-finger salutes and profanities – was put aside for the dull, terrifying reality. There was no Kool-Aid … Read more »

Running, not expiring: The perils of working at a desk

Last year, when I developed severe neck pain and headaches, I decided to see a physiotherapist – a fresh-faced, nubile young woman with posture fit for a princess. ‘Yikes, yep – woah,’ she murmured while happily crunching away at my upper back. ‘You’ve got a lot of … Read more »

Hi, I’ll be your sex guide for today

  There’s a lot going on out there in the sexual wilderness. Sometimes I think I’d rather make myself a nice cup of tea and watch Lateline than wrestle with trying to understand the latest and greatest from the Master Manual of Sex. With so many avenues … Read more »

Cracking spines and firing up tablets: My (e)reading list for 2013

Another year, another mountain (both real and virtual) of books to read. Checking out upcoming publications is a little like being in a candy store. Without wanting to gorge myself on literary lollies, I’ve put together a list of things I’m looking forward to reading this year, … Read more »