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Young Adults Talk Young Adult Fiction: The Level 87 Book Club

Bronte Coates, the Digital Content Coordinator at Readings Books, talks YA fiction in preparation for the Readings/KYD OzYA event on the 14th of July: This month, I’ve been gathering questions and comments from teens in preparation for our upcoming panel on the state of Australian young adult … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings Issue 22 Released!

Hooray! Released today, Kill Your Darlings Issue 22 is now available to purchase through our shop and subscribers can read it online right now – what are you waiting for? Read more »

The (Literary) Trivia Night to End All Trivia Nights Returns on the 23rd of July!

Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk? Can you name every Booker prize winner from the past decade? If just the thought of answering these questions has worked you up into a literary lather, then we have the event for you! Read more »

Angela Meyer joins Killings as Literary Columnist

Kill Your Darlings is thrilled to announce that Angela Meyer will be joining the Killings team as our Literary Columnist. Read more »

KYD No.22 teaser: ‘No Such Thing As Monsters’

In the third teaser from KYD issue 22, Carody Culver revisits Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’. Read more »

Dumb Flesh, Rave Cave, and the Peril and Promise of Solo Side Projects

It’s not difficult to understand the motivations behind a solo side project – that is, a musician best known for their work in a band releasing music made by themselves under a different moniker. Musicians’ appetites are, in general, pretty broad, and working within the confines of a band with a defined aesthetic must start to chafe after a while. Read more »

KYD No.22 teaser: ‘In Search of Lost Sleep’

In the second teaser from KYD issue 22, Eleanor Hogan battles against insomnia.
Read more »

What We’re Reading: Readings staff share their June picks

Looking for a book recommendation? Staff from Readings bookshop share what they’ve been reading this month. Read more »

KYD No.22 teaser: Gerard Elson in Conversation with Nick Cave

In the first KYD No. 22 teaser, our Interviews Editor Gerard Elson is in conversation with the one and only Nick Cave! Read more »

It’s All Just Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse

‘She’s just another Walking Dead hanger-on,’ I hear you say. Well, yes, I am partial to a bit of walker action. And yes, I may have entertained the odd erotic daydream about a crossbow carrying, scraggy-bearded redneck – but this is not where my zombie obsession began. Come gather around people. Hear my obsessive zombie-loving origin story. Read more »