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Reading Marilyn reading Ulysses: when celebrities are photographed with books

In 1955, photographer Eve Arnold snapped a now-iconic image of American actress Marilyn Monroe, in her bathers on a Long Island playground, reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. In the sixty years since, the photo has prompted continual suspicion in those who see literature and celebrity as mutually exclusive – was she really reading it? Read more »

Impossible Futures: Tomorrow’s Parties and This is How We Die

These two shows ask: how hard do we need to listen? In each, minutiae can be discarded, at least in slivers of time. Tomorrow’s Parties and This is How We Die each allow your brain to detach for a moment: to spin off into the different worlds they create, before returning once again, as best you can, to the work at hand. Read more »

Eyes Open Dreaming: Spear and the potential for an Australian art cinema

Commercial success has long been prized as Australian cinema’s salve, and the values of that commerce-based vision of success have deeply permeated the national conversation. Spear sets this conversation aside entirely, raising in its stead the possibility of an art cinema in Australia. Read more »

The Outsiders: The early stories of Truman Capote

The recent publication of The Early Stories of Truman Capote – a collection of newly-discovered short stories from the archives of the New York Public Library – reveals the preoccupations of the adolescent Capote, drawn to drifters, exiles, and others living on society’s fringes. Read more »

‘Nesting’ by Katerina Gibson

Read Katerina Gibson’s story, ‘Nesting’, winner of the 2015 QUT Undergraduate Creative Writing Prize. Read more »

Announcing our 2016 Contributing Editors

We are thrilled to announce our two Contributing Editors for 2016. Look out for monthly online pieces from the Contributing Editors, as well as longform pieces in every other edition of the print journal. Read more »

KYD Literary Trivia is back!

To celebrate the release of Kill Your Darlings Issue 24 and the start of another big year for KYD, we’re throwing one of our legendary Literary Trivia Nights. Read more »

Kill Your Darlings First Book Club:
How to host a murder

Why are we so fascinated by true crime books? What does that say about our culture and society? And what attracts writers to this grim genre? The Kill Your Darlings First Book Club, which promotes the debut titles of Australian authors, has chosen Martin McKenzie-Murray’s A Murder Without Motive (Scribe) as its first book of 2016. Read more »

Event: Meet Helen Ellis, Virginia Reeves and Fiona McFarlane

Together with our friends at Readings, we’re thrilled to offer an evening of wicked humour, featuring three wildly witty women straight from Perth Writers Festival. Read more »

You Could Burn a House Down: Todd Haynes’s Carol

For many years, lesbians in fiction were punished for their social transgressions, condemned to a life of solitude, insanity, feigned heterosexuality and/or suicide. Radically, Carol portrays a lesbian love that doesn’t destroy or diminish its subjects, but enables them to transform, to grow and to be free. Read more »