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Kill Your Darlings Issue 21 Released!

Happy 21st to us! Released today, Kill Your Darlings Issue 21 is now available to purchase through our shop and subscribers can read it online right now – what are you waiting for? Read more »

All About His Mother: Xavier Dolan’s fierce women

Xavier Dolan has created an exuberant body of cinema that privileges women (and others on the margins) as complex, chaotic beings. Dolan’s fierce mothers are cleaved from the pedestal that so much of cinema places them on, so that they may dig around in the dirt that is life. Read more »

KYD No.21 teaser, ‘Selfie-Stick Syndrome: Archive Fever, Narcissism and Social Networks’

In the third KYD No. 21 teaser, Michael Lindsey Davison looks at our desire to document our existence and the rise of the selfie-stick. Read more »

Cate Kennedy on motherhood and creativity

In this extract from Rachel Power’s new book, Motherhood & Creativity: The Divided Heart, she speaks with author Cate Kennedy about her love for her daughter and her writing. Read more »

KYD No.21 teaser, ‘Panama City: 10 Notes’

In the second KYD No. 21 teaser, Kate Middleton explores the backstreets of Panama City and asks what it means to be a tourist. Read more »

Being Boring: Passing time with the films of Michael Winterbottom

Early in 2013, a feature film slipped quietly into cinemas; a film that had been recorded in short intervals over a five-year period, and which featured four young real-life siblings cast as their own fictional equivalents. The film was Everyday, by English director Michael Winterbottom, and it … Read more »

KYD No.21 teaser, ‘Home at Last: How Australia’s Housing Policies Hurt the Young and Old’

In the first KYD No. 21 teaser, Melanie Joosten investigates how the Great Australian Dream is slipping through the hands of our most vulnerable. Read more »

What We’re Reading: Readings staff share their picks

Is your to-read pile looking particularly uninspiring at the moment? Or maybe you’ve just finished a novel and aren’t quite sure what to read next. Never fear! The staff from Readings bookshop have your back. Here they share what they’ve been reading this month. Read more »

The Slap: What’s lost when a cricket bat becomes a baseball bat?

‘A cricket bat wouldn’t make sense in an American context’, says Tony Ayres, executive producer of the US adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap. He’s right, of course – it wouldn’t. But when, in US playwright Jon Robin Baitz’s version, the eponymous slap occurs as the result of a swinging baseball bat, something’s not quite right. Read more »

Witness and Connection at Melbourne’s Dance Massive

In a city where it feels not a day goes by without an arts festival, or three, happening, Melbourne’s Dance Massive is resolutely unique. Australia’s largest dance festival is by necessity heavily reliant on Melbourne-based companies and shows that will go on to tour independently of the festival. The festival is undeniably of, and for, the dance sector in Melbourne. Read more »