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Kindness and Failure: The journey of writing Heat and Light

To see Heat and Light as the end product of four failed novels would be irrelevant and inexact. For me, as for many other writers, ‘failure’ and the kindness of others are big factors in the growth of my writing. Read more »

For Whom The Bell Jar Tolls

I have read The Bell Jar every summer for seven years, not only as a reminder of my own descent into depression during my estranged periods, but as a symbol of my success in defeating the precarious ‘bell jar’ that hangs low above Esther throughout her travels in the Big Apple. Read more »

The (Sometimes) Beauty of Being Alone at the Theatre

I often go to the theatre on my own. One of the great joys of writing reviews is that even when I attend productions solo, I still get to talk (write) about them at length after the fact. Seeing theatre is a wonderful activity to do unaccompanied, because as soon as the performance starts, everyone is alone in some way. Read more »

Killing Monsters and Making Memories: How virtual worlds facilitate communication

When I hang out with my brother, we joke, make fun of each other, and swap stories about mutual friends. Sometimes, we’ll each pack a bag of stat-enhancing potions and go out to kill large monsters. It’s been well over a year since I saw my brother in the flesh – but thanks to World of Warcraft, I interact with him on a daily basis. Read more »

A Tale of Two Penises: Double Dick Dude and the invisibility of male bisexuality

For the past year I have found myself fascinated by penises. If I’d been to the races, I would have created a monstrous dick fascinator to wear as a beautiful physical representation of my mental state. But let me be clear, I have not been captivated with all or even many penises. My fascination has solely been aimed at the two penises owned by the man known only as ‘Diphallic Dude’, or more casually ‘DoubleDickDude’. Read more »

Literary Listening: The rise of the podcast as literary form

Audio programs – both musical and, increasingly, vocal – are being listened to on the move and in growing numbers. But podcasts in particular represent more than the latest iteration of portable radio. Podcasts represent an atomisation of experience, muffling the sounds of the immediate environment and removing the individual from a synchronous community of listeners. Read more »

Kill Your Darlings First Book Club: Ellen van Neerven’s Heat and Light

We’re thrilled to announced details of our special online First Book Club event in February, featuring author Ellen van Neerven discussing her acclaimed debut book, Heat and Light. Read more »

Kill Your Darlings Literary Trivia Night returns!

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s bookish and it’s ba-ack, darlings! Come and celebrate the launch of Issue 20 at the Kill Your Darlings Literary Trivia Night. Read more »

Sing When You’re Winning: The theatre of sport and the Socceroos in the Asian Cup

For many Australians, sport is both theatre and church. The difference is that ‘if I go and see Hamlet, unlike a soccer game, I know the result in advance’. Read more »

Subscription Offer: Manuscript Assessment

Was your New Year’s Resolution to polish up that special work-in-progress? From now until the end of February, the Kill Your Darlings Writers Workshop is offering all new and renewing print subscribers a year-long subscription and a 3000-word manuscript assessment, for just $100. Read more »