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KYD No. 14 Teaser: ‘You Know Who You Look Like?: Being a Perpetual Face Twin’

For the first KYD No. 14 teaser, Estelle Tang writes about being mistaken for other, usually Asian, women. Are these confusions a symptom of cultural ignorance? To read the rest of Estelle’s piece, grab a copy of Issue Fourteen, available online 3rd July! This is tricky. Do I … Read more »

The (non-)completist

Do you like to read every book by your favourite author? I don’t…and I do. I discovered Marilynne Robinson in 2004, when her second novel, Gilead, came out. Narrated by John Ames, a small-town preacher, Gilead has an incomparable quiet humanity; I fell in love with the … Read more »

Podcast: Kill your darlings? Editors talk

If you’ve spent the last year crafting a book about depressed teens, vampires or misplaced mums, you might want to step away from the keyboard. Guest producer Sonja Dechian talks to editors of books and journals about the things they’ve learned from the slush pile – their … Read more »

‘Some incredible story told’: an interview with Gillian Mears

In the preamble to Foal’s Bread, there’s an exhortation: ‘Man, woman, boy or girl, when you arrive at the jacaranda tree, take a lick of your horse’s salty neck.’ Is this something you did when riding a horse? What of your own experiences on a horse did … Read more »

Podcast: Around the block

Are you a narcissist and an exhibitionist? Or just a peeping Tom? If you’re a writer, you’re probably all of the above. Or at least, psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler would have thought so. He coined the phrase ‘writer’s block’ – that dreaded affliction that interferes with productivity and … Read more »

Tweet your serial

If reading were food, the serialised novel would be the degustation menu. Tantalising chunks of story meted out piece by piece. That experience doesn’t happen all that often today – at least, not away from the TV and computer screen. Sure, we wait, achingly, for the latest … Read more »

‘It’s a natural fact that it’s good to be gay!’: Strong Love: Songs of Gay Liberation 1972–1981

The digitisation of vast back catalogues of music has made music historians of all of us. Consumers can now access nearly any recorded music they want, and are thus encouraged to explore their favourite genres of music in great depth. Paradoxically, this also encourages a kind of … Read more »

My shadow flows into the world: Lindy Lee and explorations of self

Upon entering Lindy Lee’s latest exhibition in Melbourne, ‘Mystical Realism – A Record Of Things Experienced’, I was confronted by a range of images, textures, shapes, patterns, configurations and materials. Among the more traditional painterly and sculptural media of paper, ink, linen, steel and bronze, Lee also … Read more »

Podcast: Blood in the sand

Vanessa Murray went to Barcelona to witness what might be the final bullfight in Catalonia. Based on her experience of la corrida, Vanessa wrote ‘Blood in the Sand: Northern Spain Farewells Bullfighting‘ with Jamie Melbourne-Hayward, and the essay  appears in Kill Your Darlings No. 9. We spoke … Read more »