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KYD No. 14 Teaser: ‘You Know Who You Look Like?: Being a Perpetual Face Twin’

For the first KYD No. 14 teaser, Estelle Tang writes about being mistaken for other, usually Asian, women. Are these confusions a symptom of cultural ignorance? To read the rest of Estelle’s piece, grab a copy of Issue Fourteen, available online 3rd July! This is tricky. Do I … Read more »

Apocalypse, death and disaster at the NGV

This easily overlooked gem, situated above the NGV’s blockbuster Napoleon exhibition, can be seen as a kind of grim companion piece: while Napoleon is steeped in the rhetoric of glory, The Four Horsemen: Apocalypse, Death and Disaster lingers on the suffering caused by unchecked human ambition. The … Read more »

Thinking objects with Moonrise Kingdom

In the inaugural issue of Screen Machine, Huw Walmsley-Evans succinctly identifies the clichéd critical move vis-à-vis the films of Wes Anderson: almost without fail, the complaint is that ‘there are some real, valuable characters and emotions to be found in this film, but they are obscured by … Read more »

The (non-)completist

Do you like to read every book by your favourite author? I don’t…and I do. I discovered Marilynne Robinson in 2004, when her second novel, Gilead, came out. Narrated by John Ames, a small-town preacher, Gilead has an incomparable quiet humanity; I fell in love with the … Read more »

LCD Soundsystem’s discography of a friendship

LCD Soundsystem (2005) 2007. It’s two years since I slouched back to Brisbane from a stint overseas. Luke is the last of my best friends to remain here, in this oversized country town that shaped our university days. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet taken flight: he emerged … Read more »

‘The deep opening and the revelation of the human heart’: an interview with Diane Williams

A.S. Patric: Jonathan Franzen has described you as a hero of the avant-garde. How do you feel about a very popular writer who has had colossal mainstream success making this statement about you and your work? Diane Williams: I am honored to have such a stirring, elegant … Read more »

Reigning men? Masculinity in Magic Mike

You’re not just stripping. You are fulfilling every woman’s wildest fantasies. You are the husband that they never had. You are that dreamboat guy that never came along. You are the one-night stand: that free fling of a fuck that they get to have tonight, with you … Read more »

Pulp fiction: Australia’s other forgotten literary history

There’s been a lot of talk so far this year about Australia’s forgotten literary history. Universities have been criticised for failing to appreciate and teach Australian literature. Text is re-releasing ‘classics’ of Australian literature. The Wheeler Centre has organised a series of talks in which contemporary writers … Read more »

Speculative fictions: Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven

To borrow a line from the British artist Richard Hamilton, ‘just what is it that makes authors so different, so appealing?’ I asked myself this question quite a bit last week. I had time to kill; twelve hours on a plane is a long time. It can … Read more »