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The story of Sectioned

Self-publishing your first book can be a terrifying prospect, even when you know what you’re doing. When I was a child I wrote a story about a polar bear, typed it up, added pictures, designed a cover and bound it into a rather crude-looking book. Little did … Read more »

Canine War Hero, But What About the Rest?

As a dog lover, I was moved to read about the death of Nova, an army dog who was killed in a car-crash in Afghanistan. She was a bomb detection dog who died during a training exercise. She was so special that her body is being sent … Read more »

A Habit Worth Keeping

I recently discovered that my obsession with the written word had reached new heights when, upon wrestling with my tax return, I became aware that I had spent more than a sizeable chunk of my salary on books over the past year. I should have known: the … Read more »