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After the Fires

The girls ran ahead of him. Jonas could hear them screaming with excitement as they struggled to keep up with their own legs. All the way down the steep, grey track towards the river, the air smelt of meat burning on the barbecues and the high, sharp … Read more »

The Lake

It’s then that I lose heart. My mind trickles to a stop at the bottom of a hill. While staring at nothing at all on the ground with downcast half-eyes, I sneak glimpses of the small aeroplane turning on its heel and strolling across the field, drawing … Read more »

Out in the Wild

What I’d heard was that the casino’s owner had held this great big dream of making the place themed to space travel, but it really only went as far as the solar system print on the carpet and the empty astronaut suit that greeted you at the … Read more »

God’s Dog

He had looked for an internet point where he would not attract attention, and noted the cine cameras as he went in. There was an email message from Guntur, with an address near San Basilio. Now Salazar got out of the train and started walking along the … Read more »

Hot Dog, Pink Lotus

They stop at the servo before beginning the death strip. A section of road Erica’s always hated driving, four hours with not a kink in it. ‘This place is weird,’ says Jane, her daughter, tucking her long hair behind her ears in the exact same way she … Read more »

Just Like Us

‘If you could just fill out this form with your contact details and those of your referees. Pass the rest along.’ The woman handed a sheaf of papers to the couple standing at her front door. A heavy fringe sheltered her heart-shaped face, her shapeless grey smock … Read more »


This is an extract from a creative non-fiction work in progress, which is based on the author’s own experiences.   I watched the waves from the dunes in the morning half-light. It was much bigger than I’d expected, and windy too. ‘What do you think?’ I’d felt … Read more »

The Art of Preservation

The grass scratches at Matthew’s shins as he crosses the yard and dumps the bucket on the ground. The mulberry tree is drooping and swollen berries leer at him, some already weeping. There are so many. He cups his hand under a low cluster before ducking under … Read more »

Tipping Point

The nose of the old Holden rolls onto the gravel shoulder. Jane watches the front-end shudder before it dies. Matteo has overhauled the engine. She knows how much work he’s put in, how much work he puts into everything: the tractor, the slasher, the generator. Everything seems … Read more »

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