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Welcome to Issue 21 of Kill Your Darlings. We have firmly left our teenage years behind and are now striding confidently – and optimistically – into our twenty-first issue and our sixth year of operation. Thank you for all of your support over the years. We are … Read more »


Welcome to Kill Your Darlings Issue 20. As we head into summer, photos of weddings are popping up in our Instagram feeds, and this issue has a strong focus on marriage. Writers Connor Tomas O’Brien and Elizabeth Flux signed up to a seven week counselling course together – under … Read more »


Welcome to Issue 19 of Kill Your Darlings. In this issue we look at the nature of violence, the importance of the stories we tell ourselves and we delve into sexuality and desire. Martin McKenzie-Murray’s lead feature, ‘The Violence Beneath Us: On the Complexity of Domestic Abuse’, … Read more »

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    In this edition of the Kill Your Darlings Podcast we hijacked writers passing through Melbourne, as well as sitting down to dive into the nitty-gritty with a couple of locals. Read more »

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