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Muses on Fire: On Literature and the People That Inspire It

‘The only people for me,’ Jack Kerouac wrote in his autobiographical novel On the Road, ‘are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say … Read more »

I Guess You’re Only as Sick as You Feel: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Chemo

‘Well at this point, I guess you’re only as sick as you feel.’

An Uneasy Alliance: Tools and Our Age-Old Fear of Being Murdered by Them

A friend and I leapt aboard a combi that accelerated and slowed around Trujillo, a coastal city in northern Peru, moving farther out into the fringing districts until we had left the bustle behind. It turned down a narrow track; when it ended we clambered out and … Read more »

Creek Foraging: A Tribute to the Tenacity and Generosity of Weeds

Last summer the three blackberry patches closest to my home finally succumbed to poison. They had grown alongside the urban creek where I walk daily with my dog, and for over twenty years the creek’s management committee has been gradually working to eradicate all non-indigenous species in … Read more »

Rise of the Independents: The Rallying of Theatre in Melbourne

There is a growing and welcome trend in Melbourne theatre. The sort that doesn’t occur by accident. Independent theatre is gaining traction with mainstream audiences, taking out major awards and getting a larger slice of the pie. A deliberate attempt is being made to fertilise the playing … Read more »

Edges, Centres and Futures: Reflections on being an Indigenous Speculative Fiction Writer

My name is Ambelin Kwaymullina. My people are the Palyku, of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. I write speculative fiction for young adults. And I often think of the words of Wunambal elder and poet Daisy Utemorrah, who wrote: ‘Do not go around the edges/or else … Read more »

Dirty Money: How Political Donations Undermine Our Democracy

A meme has been doing the rounds recently arguing that politicians should have to wear the logos of their sponsors on their jackets, like race-car drivers or footballers. Image credit: Cimexus    

Brave New World: The Social Impact of Hooking Up in the Internet Age

Since its launch in late 2011, Tinder, a dating app designed for GPS enabled smartphones, has gained a meteoric base of users and wide-spread media attention.  According to Tinder’s co-founder, Sean Rad, the app is responsible for more than 150 marriage proposals. As of March 2014 its … Read more »

Transition: On Becoming the People We Are

We hadn’t been in the country that long, having moved out of the city the previous winter, a brutal introduction to rural living. Out beyond the natural windbreak formed by the Macedon Ranges, city temperatures drop ten degrees. Daydreaming from the comfort of Melbourne about the lives … Read more »

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