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Making Space for Fear: Liberating Your Creative Expression

Defending Your Weakness Please understand that the only reason I can speak so authoritatively about fear is that I know it so intimately. I know every inch of fear, from head to toe. I’ve been a frightened person my entire life. I was born terrified. I’m not … Read more »

Marching in the Rain: Tackling Domestic Violence in the Solomon Islands

We are marching in the rain. We are marching in the rain because this is when we have scheduled our march. We have scheduled our march for today, even though it is the time of year when it rains like Noah most days, because today is White … Read more »

The Importance of Being Hairy: Waxing, Shaving and Other Unnecessary Thrills

You must touch my chest hair. It feels like the underbelly of a Persian cat. A thicker hairline snakes down the middle of my torso and then fans out to the sides, onto my back and over my shoulders. When I go to parties I invite friends … Read more »

The Privilege of Starvation: On Art and Creative Writing Courses

Another day, another week, another privileged old white man bemoaning the state of Western literature. The problem? Creative writing courses, naturally. When I set out to write this piece, it was in response to comments made last year by Horace Engdahl, one of the judges for the … Read more »

Death Trends: Hashtag Activism and the Rise of Online Grief

In the days leading up to April 29, my social media feeds were dominated by scores of doleful messages imploring Indonesian President Joko Widodo to extend clemency to the condemned Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Some held candlelight vigils and uploaded them to Instagram. … Read more »

The Kim K-Hole: Adventures in Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

I haven’t slept in months. Not since Kim Kardashian told me to hire Simon and Maria. I know they mean well, but their total commitment to making me the biggest star in Hollywood (after Kim, obvi) means that I have no time to think or read or … Read more »

Sucker Punched: Ducking and Weaving Through the Grief of Chronic Illness

Earlier this year I had a ceremonial burning. I dragged my body up the steep stairs to our study. No mean feat when your muscles are wasted and weak, and your blood pressure has a fondness for dropping at the most inconvenient of times. I went through … Read more »

Wrestling with Myself: Uninitiated and Ringside at the WWE

Chugging back an iced coffee, Will says, ‘Triple H married Vince McMahon’s, the top guy’s, daughter in real life and in storyline; storyline first. It was crazy.’ Vincent K. McMahon is a 68-year-old, third generation wrestling promoter, who has the type of face monopolised by super rich … Read more »

Name Calling: Coverture in a Feminist Age

When we married we were twenty-two and I wore a red dress printed with blue and yellow flowers. He wore red jeans and a sherwani, a thigh-length Indian tunic sewn with intricate embroidery. When we married we were twenty-two and there was a bouncy castle, the only … Read more »

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