The Primordial Place: Me and Jardo by the Lake

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‘This ancient parched landscape, kissed awake by a deluge of rains, is teeming with life, busily celebrating its rebirth at the pace of those who know they have much to do in an uncertain lifespan…germinate, grow, flower, seed, breed and deliver the next generation, before the sun sucks the desert dry again.’ – Janet Hawley, Hotel Du Lac Eyre (1989)

In 1989 the Lake Eyre basin, which covers almost one-sixth of the Australian continent, was filling with water. Kylie Minogue was snuggling with Michael Hutchence and I was coming to the sour end of a long-time obsession that was juddering to a miserable denouement, leaving me in a state of hate rather than adoration. Not delectable and noble love-hate, just hate. Jardo: that Jesus-man, slim-hipped Viking. I was so confused by him that I could not even settle on consistent imagery. He was funny and tall and lithe. He played in a band, was the lead singer – all qualities that made him irresistible. In the beginning.


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