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No. 21 April 2015

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Kill Your Darlings Issue 21

Issue 21, April 2015 – Featuring new writing from Melanie Joosten, Michelle Roger, Omar Musa, Brodie Lancaster, and Kate Middleton, and an interview with Michel Faber.


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The (Literary) Trivia Night to End All Trivia Nights Returns on the 23rd of July!

Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk? Can you name every Booker prize winner from the past decade? If just the thought of answering these questions has worked you up into a literary lather, then we have the event for you! Come and celebrate the launch of … Read more »

Angela Meyer joins Killings as Literary Columnist

Kill Your Darlings is thrilled to announce that Angela Meyer will be joining the Killings team as our Literary Columnist. Read more »

KYD No.22 teaser: ‘No Such Thing As Monsters’

In the third teaser from KYD issue 22, Carody Culver revisits Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’. Read more »

Dumb Flesh, Rave Cave, and the Peril and Promise of Solo Side Projects

It’s not difficult to understand the motivations behind a solo side project – that is, a musician best known for their work in a band releasing music made by themselves under a different moniker. Musicians’ appetites are, in general, pretty broad, and working within the confines of a band with a defined aesthetic must start to chafe after a while. Read more »

KYD No.22 teaser: ‘In Search of Lost Sleep’

In the second teaser from KYD issue 22, Eleanor Hogan battles against insomnia.
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What We’re Reading: Readings staff share their June picks

Looking for a book recommendation? Staff from Readings bookshop share what they’ve been reading this month. Read more »

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July First Book Club: Oliver Mol's Lion Attack!

At the July First Book Club, Oliver Mol will discuss his funny, energetic and original coming-of-age story, Lion Attack!

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The Return of the Kill Your Darlings Podcast

The most highly anticipated sequel of 2015, The Return of the Kill Your Darlings Podcast, is finally here! We speak with Melbourne photographer Andy Drewitt, Stephanie Van Schilt (The Lifted Brow), Abigail Ulman (Hot Little Hands), Rebecca Starford (Bad Behaviour), and Anwen Crawford (Live Through This). Read more »

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